Cycling in London Colney
To Alma Road
To St Albans Retail Park
To Hill End Lane and Alban Way
Alban Way
Highfield Park
London Colney Cycle Paths

There are very few cycle paths in London Colney. I feel this is a shame since I am sure many would benefit if some thought had gone into planning safe cycle routes within the village. In fact local authority planners have gone out of their way to ensure that cycling is a hazardous enterprise within the village . For example, in an effort to slow down traffic the High Street has been narrowed. This has benefits in that it reduces the speed of traffic - which is to be welcomed - but this narrows the road to such an extent that it's usually the poor cyclist who gets pushed into the gutter when cars compete for space. I would like to propose that a cycle highway is provided which would run in parallel and along the west side of the High Street. In an ideal world we may yet have such provision however in the meantime I have laid out some cycle paths hoping that it might encourage those who pop into St Albans that there are a few safe routes which avoid the traffic and get you out of the car. If readers have other suggestions I would be happy to include them. These routes make use of the Alban Way, a cycle path which stretches from St Albans to Hatfield and some cycle paths in The Highfield Park. Maps of these routes can be downloded from the adjacent menus.